Saving a life is an honor, being a Topo prepares you for it.

For being a rescue worker is essential to want to help others. Yo have to be tenacious and be willing to learn how to protect, alert and assist to any person breached by a disaster.

Not to seek any profit motives, so they need to be professional, technician or student; we don't want them to avail from this activity for their livelihood.

To join the brigade is necessary to respect the internal rules, such as not using the name of the brigade for personal gain or prominence and trained extensively always attached to international protocols and local authorities.

It is a commitment that requires perseverance because we meet weekly for perform practices to go forming us from applicants to rescuers.

We practice obstacles; disaster drills in collapsed structures, fire or flood; knot tying, abseiling and training of canine binomials.

We take internal and external courses in civil protection, engineering, telecommunications, first aid, prehospital care, chemical spills, firefighting, vertical rescue, speleological rescue, aquatic rescue, basic veterinary and canine ethology to know what is necessary when required.

We have specialists who coordinate each development area: Paramedic, Safety with Ropes, K9, etc.

Calls to train you as a Topo are annual and issued at the beginning of each year.

Recommended Readings:
Civil Protection Manual
Disaster Prevention Guide

Single informative talk: Sunday, January 28, 2018
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